Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good News for Bloggers...A Breath of Fresh Air in the Amazon/BookSurge Fire Storm

Just for a brief change of subjects -- and an equally brief posting, for the first time ever, Time magazine released its list of the top 25 blogs. Yes, its experts went out to the blogosphere and researched and read who knows how many blogs and chose 25 that they deemed the best of the best. You can find them at,28757,1725323,00.html. (You can also find the five most overrated blogs there as well!)

With agents trolling around on the web and picking up blogs and turning them into books, blogging has turned into a big deal for authors these days -- especially nonfiction authors. (If you don't know about this, try Googling "Julie and Julia" for a start.) And, as I've said before, they are a fabulous way to help you build a platform.

Be carefully, though, not to get caught up in the pressure of blogging. My husband recently showed me an article about two bloggers who died of heart attacks. The reporter attributed their untimely deaths to the stresses of blogging!

I was excited to see my favorite Jewish blogger, the Velveteen Rabbi (, in the top 25. That gave me some hope of having my other blog -- the one related to my books ( -- discovered one day!

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